Book Recommendation for Male Escorts!

the game book for male escorts

The Game: Penetrating the Secret Society of Pickup Artists is mind-blowing and almost too incredible to believe – we recommend all male escorts read this book – even if just to help in everyday life!

Neil Strauss, an essayist and writer, enters the mystery society of male pick up artists who go for one night: not only does Strauss infiltrate this market as a writer, he himself ends up noticeably one of the world’s most noteworthy temptation specialists in Los Angeles. It’s a very engaging and provocative book!

I didn’t know enticement groups existed, however a little online research demonstrates it’s a huge market with numerous devotees. The men portrayed by Strauss become sophisticated studiers of behavioral psychology, meticulously tracking the success and failures of certain phrases or actions. Their end goal is sex, not long-term relationships. Many average looking, mildly extroverted men — through practice and study — become expert seducers.

Here are some exclusive tips for our male escorts – thank us later! 😉


  • Whilst it makes for an entertaining read – try not to stroll up to a lady who’s alone to try out your skills.
  • #1 normal for an alpha male is the grin. By grinning you appear as though you’re as one, you’re fun, and you’re someone.
  • A novice hits on a lady immediately. A professional holds up eight to ten minutes.
  • We’re transformative wired to feel stirred when somebody smells us. Lean in and disclose to her she notices great.

Read the book to find out more!!


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