Curious About Male Escorts?

Job prospects looking a little bit precarious right now? Perhaps you escaped the latest office let-go’s – but there’s really no guarantee that your job will still be around this time next year. As for a bonus, well, you can forget that!

Chin up, chaps. Because Alpha Escorts may just have another option for you. Imagine being wined and dined at some of the country’s most exclusive restaurants. Flying to the Riviera at a moment’s notice. Enjoying exciting sexual encounters with powerful women, who won’t expect the promise of a phone call the morning after. And being paid for the privilege. But there is a downside, a rather large one. You’ll need to spend the odd night making a lonely woman feel good about herself, which means listening to her stories. If you can stomach that, you may be ready for the world of male escorting. No, honestly, hear me out.

The demand for non sexual male escorts, or chaperones, has never been higher.

Alpha Escorts is experiencing an “overwhelming demand for male escorts to accompany women to work functions, weddings, dinners out, as well as just to provide company for an evening”. There are legions of women with sufficient disposable income to pay for company, even in these straitened times. Which raises uncomfortable questions about the much- discussed pay gap between the sexes and even the whole concept of the glass ceiling.male escorts


But contrary to misguided belief, not everybody is fit to do this job – in a way it’s like the X Factor. You either have what it takes or you don’t.

Perhaps even more problematic is the social stigma attached to the business. It should always be remembered that what you are doing as a male escort is not illegal, distasteful or disgraceful. You are simply providing a service to clients I choose to provide the service to.

Most male escorts agencies charge joining fees of between £10 and £80 a month, and some insist on a minimum sign-up period of as long as 12 months. Alpha Escorts is better than that. We charge just £7 per month to our male escorts, the cheapest that you will find! There is no minimum sign-up period.

So what are you waiting for. Join our fleet of Male Escorts today! Sign up here!

male escorts

male escorts

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