Getting A Job As A Male Escort

Considering becoming a Male Escort?


That’s great – becoming a Male Escort and joining a UK Male escorts agency such as Alpha Escorts can be rewarding socially and financially.

There are many reasons as to why a non-sexual male escort may required. As an Alpha Escort you could be tasked to accompany women to various social events, including; business functions, weddings, dinners dates, or just some company for the evening.  You can read more about why women hire male escorts here.

What does it take to become a Male Escort?

There is no ideal type of person that we look for when it comes to being a non-sexual at Alpha Escort. We seek men of all backgrounds, ages, cultures and religions; there are no strict requirements, you will just have to meet the criteria set by the clients. That being said, due to our elite clientele we seek the best, we expect all of our men to be well-groomed and hygienic. We strictly do not accept any of our men to be scruffy or unpresentable.

What is the application process?

The first step is completing this Alpha Escorts Subscription which sets up your £7 per month subscription fee. You will then be prompted to fill in a form with a few details about yourself. Once we have received these, we will be in contact with you via to request with a few recent pictures of yourself. Once your identity has been verified your profile will go live!

When will I get my first booking?

Unfortunately we don’t have an answer to that. Some profiles get a lot more views than others. We work hard to bring women to the website but what makes them book you are ultimately your pictures and bio.

How does the membership work?

Our memberships run on monthly cycles – new profiles will be published within 2 days. You can cancel your subscription to Alpha Escorts at any time!



Will I be an employee of Alpha Escorts?

No. All of your earnings are classed as self-employed. It will be your responsibility to pay tax on your earnings, we will not notify HMRC that you are on our site. It is entirely your responsibility to declare any earnings.

Can I offer sexual services or ‘extras’?

Alpha Escorts is a non-sexual escort agency.

I would like to become a male escort! How do I sign up?

If you are ready to start making money and having good clean fun by joining male escort agency Alpha Escorts then follow this Alpha Escorts Subscription link and subscribe. You will then be prompted to fill in details about yourself so that we can get started on your profile!

Please do not hesitate to Contact Us if you have any further questions.

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