How much money can I earn as a male escort?

It’s not just men who hire escorts. For some women, paying is more convenient than cruising bars and clubs trying to find men. “They don’t want to be found out. They want to do something private – it’s their own world, a part of their life that they want to be secret.”

Daniel has been working part-time as an escort in London for the last year, lured by the prospect of making some extra cash in the economic downturn. He was educated at one of the city’s best private schools, and like Andrew is highly articulate.

“It’s no more seedy than somebody going out to a bar, getting a bit drunk and then ending up going home with a complete stranger. What’s the difference? With what I do, you know what you’re getting, there’s no illusion. You pay your money. You get what you get. You meet some guy at the bar, you don’t know what you get – he could be anyone.”

So how much do these services cost? In London the top straight male escorts charge at least £100 per hour – often more.

Interested in Becoming a Male Escort?

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