What is a Male Escort? (Male Escort Definition)

What is a Male Escort?

The term “male escort” is quite an ambiguous one. Wikipedia seem to define a Male Escort as a male prostitute aka giggolo.

Male escorts can also be known as “Rent Boys”, “Hustlers”, “Male Prostitutes”, “Rent Men”, “Gigolos”, “Indoor Sex Workers”, “Stable Boys” and many more weird and wonderful names.

The word escort is just that – an escort. Someone that accompanies a person to a place or an event or escorts them. Therefore a male escort can be defined as “A male that accompanies a person (usually a lady here) to an event or place, like a date for example.

What does a Male Escort do?

Here at Alpha Escorts, a male escorts’ job is to accompany a lady to her place of choice.

This could be a work party, to watch a film at the cinema, a meal at her house – anywhere. The place would be agreed between the escort and client of course. The term escort seems to suggest sexual encounters.

Now it is important to note that we are a non-sexual agency, however with that being said, what two adults choose to do after their date is completely up to them!

Where did the Male Escort Definition come from?

Male escorts have been around for hundreds – if not thousands of years.

They even existed in ancient Rome and ancient Greece times. This of course refers more to the sexual kind of male escort.

The modern day male escort definition refers to the non-sexual type is more a present day term that has come to exist.

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