Internet Dating: How to Have a Safe First Meeting with a Male Escort

Safety First- Alpha Escorts guide to male escort safety!

male escorts safety

Meeting men was once something that was limited only to meeting people face to face and male escort safety was never discussed. Now, with the internet and numerous dating and male escort websites, you can meet someone just like you from all over the UK. Whilst internet dating provides its own safety net in regards to having distance to get to know someone, there are also the many dangers that go along with online dating. Is the male escort lying about their real appearance, age, marital status? All you know is what you’ve been told and learned through conversations, now you have to prepare for the first meeting with the male escort. Below are a few suggestions on how to assure you have a safe, first meeting with either a date or a male escort who, in all forms, is still a perfect stranger.

Meet in Public

This means meeting somewhere busy! Anywhere public where you can flag down someone if you end up meeting a male escort who acts, talks and thinks like a serial killer. This also can give you comfort in knowing that you aren’t meeting face to face in some place where there aren’t many (or any, for that matter) people in case the unthinkable should happen. On the plus side, if you meet the man or male escort of your dreams in public you can show ’em off. Who doesn’t like that?

Bring your mobile phone!

Even if you must get the cheapest mobile phone – this is always beneficial in the ‘just in case’ instance that something bad does happen on this meeting-date or another occasion. Not a bad option, either, because if things are going so well and you want to spend time out longer you can call a roommate to let them know you’re fine and you’ll be a little late. That way people know where you are and can also get ahold of you in the event of an emergency.

Bring someone with you

There is safety in numbers. Dodgy male escorts sometimes say, “meet me alone at (location)” even public ones. Always be careful about meeting these interests who insist on alone meetings. Don’t buy into their reasons and if you need to, bring a friend with you. When you feel you can trust the person, you can wave your friend off and then get to know your male escort.

Depending where you are from, what you should to to provide a safe internet meeting can vary. Just remember that you deserve to be safe and secure when meeting someone. Yes, it may put you in a horrible light but in any instance of meeting online and then in real person – your safety is more important. Be careful, be wise and enjoy that first meeting with your male escort.

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