Thinking Of Becoming A Male Escort?

If you are considering becoming a male escort, here are our tips!

1. Your pictures should say it all

You don’t need to be photogenic to have a great picture. All you need is to show off what you have and your picture is the easiest way you can sell yourself as a male escort. We recommend at least 4 photographs taken on different occasions. These photographs should be good quality and be only you (no family members, friends, children etc) Oh but – a pet may be a good addition! We bring many clients to the website but unfortunately we cannot force them to be attracted to you, especially if your photographs do you no favours.

2. Be Realistic

The straight male escort industry is extremely niche. Women get inundated with male attention all day and they often have their pick of (free) dates with men. Before you sign up and complain when you have not had 100 bookings in 2 days, ask yourself why 100 women would hire you considering this? We can never promise that you will get 100 bookings every evening from rich, lonely, hot women. Some months may be dry, some may be booming – as a new company we are learning just as much as you.

3. Write a decent biography

Not only should your pictures be good, but your biography should interest and intrigue women. Let them know your hobbies, your wishes, your favourite places etc. You don’t have to go into anything personal at all, but you need to intrigue them enough so that they want to book you. Copying other peoples bios and writing generic statements will not get you noticed, there are 1 million men on dating websites that do this and they don’t have to pay to meet them! Just ask yourself why she should want to book you, when you don’t even put enough effort to introduce yourself properly.

4. Be Sensible

We have received messages from people who treat joining Alpha Escorts as a last resort when they are broke. They are willing to pay their last few pounds to register and seem convinced that we can make them millionaires overnight. We would encourage those with this mindset to focus more on themselves instead of making rash decisions. We are a new male escort agency, not magicians. As adults, your finances are your responsibility and we cannot be held responsible for individuals who do not read our website, do not understand the nature of this niche business and do not use common sense. We are not career advisors and simply do not have time to mentor people with this mindset. So please… just be sensible.

5. Do Your Research

We completely understand that many male escort agencies are tarred with the scam brush. We would recommend searching new agencies up on google and social media. We would also recommend thinking twice before paying a substantial amount of money to an agency, especially if they tell you there are bookings waiting for you once you pay.

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