Why Do Women Hire Non-sexual Male Escorts? – Male Escorts UK

Why Do Women Hire Non-Sexual Male Escorts? – Male Escorts UK

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Women are now much more confident and independent. We know what we want and of course, what we don’t want. We have tried and tested numerous dating websites, speed dating events and dreaded blind dates to no avail. We can all admit to feeling lonely sometimes, so what do we do when all that we want is to have some company with an elegant man who will provide us with their undivided attention?

Booking a non-sexual male escort is becoming increasingly popular for professional women in the UK who suffer with this exact problem. It is becoming more accepted that, just like men, us women know what we want; we have desires, we seek pleasure, we enjoy attention and to put it simply – we want to fun! We book non-sexual male escorts to make us feel like the only woman in the world – no judgements no ulterior motives, no awkward chemistry problems. Sounds perfect to me.

As a woman working for Alpha Escorts, A UK male escort agency, I have spoken to many clients over the phone who are on edge regarding what people will think, if it makes them desperate and if it will be worth it. I reassure them that the women who hire UK Male Escorts from Alpha Escorts portfolio are not lonely old spinsters, but are often worldly, self-aware, stylish, and confident. That musical you’ve always wanted to see, that comedy show that you bought 2 tickets for – why waste these experiences with the wrong person? I remind them also that it is not only single women who make use of UK Male Escorts, but also many women who are in relationships, but miss that little bit of excitement in their daily lives. Or even women who require a charming male companion for a business trip or a weekend away if their spouses are otherwise occupied.

At Alpha Escorts, our male escorts are identity verified, professional and dedicated. We welcome men of all ages and backgrounds and we cater for women of all ages and backgrounds alike. We are striving to recreate the label of ‘Male Escorts’ in the UK; it doesn’t have to be seedy and it doesn’t have to be embarrassing. In fact, we think it is rather brave when women know what they want and go for it.

To find out more about booking a UK Male Escort be sure to read our Clients FAQ page.

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